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By | February 5, 2018

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Falcons owner Arthur Blank comments on potential Matt Ryan extension

The Falcons want get an extension done with quarterback Matt Ryan this offseason. Ryan should expect to get at least as much as Matthew Stafford’s league-high $27 million per season and probably more.

That’s a big commitment for any team to make, even for a QB as proven and skilled as Ryan.

Owner Arthur Blank, talking to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said the team has to balance Ryan’s well-deserved extension with the rest of its needs.

I’m excited that he wants to play longer. . . But we also have to balance it out and make sure we have enough salary to keep the other critical parts on the team around. You don’t win with one player. It’s not like golf. It’s the ultimate team sport, and you’ve got to have other pieces around him.

Blank is not saying anything that anyone familiar with the NFL’s salary cap doesn’t already understand.

These huge quarterback negotiations tend to drag out, with both sides saying similar things throughout the process. Ryan knows it’s tough to win when one guy is taking up a disproportionate amount of the salary cap. Also, Blank knows Ryan deserves record money.

The Falcons must keep both facts in mind as they move forward.

Nick Foles’ Eagles gave us a sneak preview of the NFL’s future

We’ve been so blessed with half-a-dozen transcendent quarterbacks over the last two decades, that we have, frankly, taken them for granted.

And the NFL’s golden age of quarterbacking is likely to end sooner than we think. Brady wants to keep playing, as does Brees, but when those two retire, the era is likely to exit with them — it’ll just be Rodgers and the next batch of QBs.

Wentz might be a guy who can take over as a transcendent quarterback — a guy who can lift any team, no matter how flawed, to success. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (29) is one of those guys, and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that Jimmy Garoppolo, who took a one-win team and won five straight games to end the season, isn’t poised to be one as well.

But who else is transcendent? Jared Goff? Derek Carr? Matt Ryan? Matthew Stafford?

We know what a transcendent quarterback looks like. You’re going to waste a lot of time trying to tell me those guys are going to continue the golden age of quarterbacking.

As such, it won’t be Hall of Fame worthy quarterbacks who lead teams to Super Bowl victories, it will be shrewd general managers, deep rosters, and adaptable coaches (who are anything but cowards when it comes to fourth-down calls).

I think we saw a glimpse of the future of the NFL on Sunday night.

The better team won.

Pretty soon, that’ll be expected.

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